Real-Time Cell Analyzer

Non-invasive – Easy to operate


  • Continuously monitor live cell proliferation, morphology and viability
  • Label-free, impedance real-time analysis
  • Different throughputs from 16 to 6×96 well formats
  • Use of E-plates – gold microelectrodes fused to a microtiter plate well
  • Kinetic read-out – capture both short (sec) and long-term effects (days)
  • Exceeds limitations from endpoint-assays

Variety of applications

  • Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Drug Discovery & Development
  • Virology Research
  • Vaccine Development
  • Bacterial Biofilms
  • Receptor interaction

The xCELLigence Family - Specialized Functionalities:

  • RTCA Dual Purpose – Cell invasion & migration
  • RTCA Cardio, Cardio ECR – Cardiomyocyte contractility, viability & electrical activity
  • RTCA eSight – RTCA & Live Cell Imaging

We are studying oncogenic and metastatic signaling pathways in pancreatic carcinoma cells. Cell migration assays using the xCELLigence DP system have proven indispensable for our work, as it allows us to generate valuable, easily quantifiable kinetic data, combined with a simple and time-saving setup procedure.

Prof. Dr. H. Ungefroren, CBBM, Lübeck, Germany

Upcoming xCELLigence events

19th Oct

Analytica 2020

Fair | Messe Munich | 9 am

Smart Solutions from Cell Culture and Counting to Real Time Cell Analysis and Live Cell Imaging are offered by OLS OMNI Life Science at Analytica 2020. Visit our booth 210 in hall A3 to get the latest news for your powerful cell analysis. Join us for a drink and meet the OLS team.

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Name Article Number Description Manufacturer's number Quote
xCELLigence MP 2801003 xCELLigence RTCA MP, Real Time Cell Analyzer ACEA # 00380601040 Quote
xCELLigence SP 2801000 xCELLigence RTCA SP, Real Time Cell Analyzer ACEA # 00380601030 Quote
xCELLigence HT 2801012 xCELLigence RTCA HT, Real Time Cell Analyzer ACEA # 00380601070 Quote
xCELLigence DP 2801006 xCELLigence RTCA DP, Real Time Cell Analyzer ACEA # 00380601050 Quote
xCELLigence S16 2801919 xCELLigence RTCA S16, Real Time Cell Analyzer ACEA # 00380601310 Quote
xCELLigence cardio 2801009 xCELLigence RTCA Cardio, Real Time Cell Analyzer ACEA # 00380601060 Quote
xCELLigence cardio ECR 2801190 xCELLigence RTCA Cardio ECR, Real Time Cell Analyzer ACEA # 00380601210 Quote
xCELLigence ePacer 2801351 xCELLigence RTCA ePacer, Real Time Cell Analyzer ACEA # 00380601630 Quote


Name Article Number Description Manufacturer's number Quote Order
E-Plate 16 2801032 For xCELLigence DP ACEA # 05469830001 Quote Order now
E-Plate 96 2801035 For xCELLigence SP/MP ACEA # 05232368001 Quote Order now
CIM Plate 16 2801038 For xCELLigence DP ACEA # 05665817001 Quote Order now
E-Plate 384 2801041 For xCELLigence HT ACEA # 05867681001 Quote Order now
E-Plate View 16 2801044 For xCELLigence DP ACEA # 06324738001 Quote Order now
E-Plate View 96 2801047 For xCELLigence SP/MP ACEA # 06472451001 Quote Order now
E-Plate Cardio 96 2801050 For xCELLigence cardio ACEA # 06417051001 Quote Order now
E-Plate L8 2801055 For xCELLigence iCELL ACEA # 00300600840 Quote Order now
E-Plate L8 PET 2801182 For xCELLigence iCELL ACEA # 00300600870 Quote Order now
E-Plate 16 PET 2801185 For xCELLigence DP ACEA # 00300600890 Quote Order now
E-Plate 96 PET 2801188 For xCELLigence SP/MP ACEA # 00300600910 Quote Order now
E-Plate Cardio ECR 2801192 For xCELLigence cardio ECR ACEA # 00300600940 Quote Order now
E-Plate Insert 16 2801052 For xCELLigence DP ACEA # 06465382001 Quote Order now
E-Plate Insert 96 2801053 For xCELLigence SP/MP ACEA # 06465412001 Quote Order now

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Dr. Kathrin Ringwald

info@ols-bio.de +49 421 276 169 0



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