Antibodies for Flow Cytometry
Setting the benchmark for Flow Cytometry

Powerful – Broad range - Multiple Fluorophores

Highlights - Antibodies for Flow Cytometry

  • Monoclonal – and polyclonal antibodies, conjugated and unconjugated from scientist for scientist
  • Immunophenotyping of different cell types as B cells, T cells, Endothelial cells, Lymphocytes, Dendritic cells and many more
  • Fast delivery & fair prices for highly validated antibodies
  • Ready to use fixation, permeabilization and staining protocols

Antibodies for Flow Cytometry

Multicolor Flow Cytometry has led to breakthroughs in Immuno-oncology, infectious disease, stem cell research, drug discovery and many more scientific areas using a broad range of applications including analysis of cell surface and intracellular markers, cell viability, apoptosis, cell cycle analysis and the analysis of cell signaling pathways.

Our distribution partner Proteintech® has set the benchmark for antibodies since 2003 and leads the industry in target coverage of antibodies with genetic knockdown and knockout validation. In flow cytometry, we are focusing on providing the highest quality reagents:

  • Gold-standard clones for CD markers and other cell surface proteins, conjugated to popular dyes to conveniently fit in your panel.
  • Every antibody is tested in-house with our product-specific protocols that are available online.
  • Validation information available across a wide range of application
  • Multiple fluorophores available for most targets including APC, FITC, PE, and high-performing CoraLite® dyes

The CoraLite 488, CoraLite 594, and CoraLite 647 dyes have equivalent brightness to Alexa dyes and provide long-lasting fluorescence. CoraLite dyes can easily be multiplexed with other popular dyes due to minimum overlapping fluorescence spectra enabling the creation of complex multicolor flow cytometry panels.

Available fluorophores and dyes for our flow cytometry antibodies.
*Alexa fluor is a registered trademark of Life Technologies Corporation
**CoraLite is a registered trademark of Proteintech Group

CoraLite488 is a bright green-fluorescent dye that is suitable for excitation by a 488 nm laser, while CoraLite594 and CoraLite647 are red-fluorescent dyes with maximum absorptions at 594 and 647 nm, respectively.

OMNI Life Science does not sell any antibodies that have not passed strict validation criteria. Our partner is currently developing their range of siRNA validated antibodies, raising the standard for antibody validation. Ask your OLS representative for further information. We are glad to help you to optimize you flow cytometry panel and safe costs.

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