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Cutting edge solutions for cell-based research. Focusing on people and innovations throughout, our mission is to promote research in Life Sciences with smart, reliable and user-friendly technology.

Well over 1,000 systems are found in laboratories of the public sector, private laboratories, and laboratories of the pharmaceutical – and biotechnology industries. Our systems are essential tools in research, analytical and production laboratories.

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Upcoming events


Plant Imaging and Clearing For Light Sheet Microscopy

Webinar | Online | 04 pm GMT+0100

In this webinar, you’ll discover: ∙ An imaging pipeline for quantitative analysis of cortical microtubules dynamics at high temporal resolution over a large volume. ∙ An efficient in vivo imaging protocol for aerial organs, which is challenging for conventional light sheet microscopy. Due to the sample flexibility of the Alpha3 system, large samples and even multiple samples can be easily mounted for live imaging experiments.

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Unveil the power of digital microscopy for life science applications

Webinar | Webinar | 02 pm GMT+0100

What does Digital Microscopy mean? Is it relevant for Life Science experiments? What are the advantages and limits of digital microscopy? Join us to get those questions answered and see how our CELENA® S and CELENA® X instruments facilitate your daily experiments.

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Multicolor flow cytometry workflow solutions – The whole is more than the sum of its parts

Webinar | Webinar | 10 am GMT+0100

Flow Cytometry is a powerful tool in immunological, stem cell and cancer research as well as in drug development and clinical studies. Within our webinar we describe our comprehensive flow cytometry workflow solution ranging from sample preparation with our laminar flow washer, single cell dispensing, high performance multicolour flow cytometry instruments and our new highly validated antibody portfolio with one of the best price performance ratio on the market. Looking forward to see you all soon!

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Integrated BioBanking Solutions

Webinar | Webinar | 10 am GMT+0100

BioBanking describes a workflow starting with the collection of biological material, includes preparation of samples, is accompanied by analysis, and requires the expansion and cultivation of cells and tissues and finally the preserving storage of the material. Like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, achieving and maintaining a BioBank with great yields and viabilities requires great solutions at every stage! During this Webinar we like to provide you with details of the solutions we provide. Guest speaker to be announced

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EMBO Workshop: Microglia 2021

Exhibition | EMBL Heidelberg, Meyerhofstraße 1, 69117 Heidelberg | 10 am GMT+0100

Microglia are a resident macrophage of the central nervous system at the intersection of immunology and neuroscience. They have gained increasingly more attention over the past decade as more research shows that they are key contributors to neural circuit development and function. There is also increasing evidence that microglia are also important in the etiology of many nervous system diseases. This workshop will highlight the many important functions of microglia to nervous system physiology and function, the newest and most exciting literature and will bring together researchers using state-of the art imaging, genomics and molecular biology to study these enigmatic cells.

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