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Cutting edge solutions for cell-based research. Focusing on people and innovations throughout, our mission is to promote research in Life Sciences with smart, reliable and user-friendly technology.

Well over 1,000 systems are found in laboratories of the public sector, private laboratories, and laboratories of the pharmaceutical – and biotechnology industries. Our systems are essential tools in research, analytical and production laboratories.

3 Reasons to partner with OLS

  • Match your needs with the broad range of excellent cell analysis instruments
  • Gain best results in less time with user-friendly instruments and powerful software
  • Benefit from the OLS experts know-how, instrument trainings and ongoing service

Upcoming events ...

07th Apr

Spotlight on the CURIOX laminar flow washer and the NovoCyte Quanteon flow cytometer

Webinar | Webinar | 10 am

In our Spotlight Webinars you will have the chance to gain insights into the product portfolio and workflow solutions provided by OLS. With the upcoming webinar on the CURIOX laminar flow washer and the NocoCyte Quanteon flow cytometer we will introduce you to the basic principle of the laminar washing technology and how it helps you to get more consistent and reproducible data compared to centrifugation. Furthermore, you will learn more about the 27 parameter NovoCyte Quanteon flow cytometer, a modern high end flow cytometer equipped with 24 bit ADCs, highly sensitive siPM and the user friendly acquisition and analysis software NovoExpress.

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08th Apr

Make Imaging fun with CELENA X High Content Imaging System

Webinar | Online | 10 am

Say Good-Bye to Eye-Pieces and Dark-Rooms. This webinar gives you a comprehensive understanding of the Know-Hows of our automated and digital microscopic techniques from live cell imaging to high content screening.

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09th Apr

CERO Incubator and Bioreactor – Innovating 3D Cell Culture

Webinar | Webinar | 10 am

In this webinar you will get insights into our novel 3D Bioreactor and Incubator „CERO“ suitable for long-term culture of spheroids, organoids and tissues.

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