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Welcome to OLS! Your ideal partner in cell research!

OMNI Life Science was founded as a family-owned company in 2004. We pride ourselves in the high caliber of our team, the quality of our products and our continuous success. While OLS started in Bremen, we now have offices in Basel, Switzerland and Boston, USA. We take a lot of pride in our ‘Made in Germany’ products, as well as our great partnerships with the world’s strongest brands. With 17 years of experience, our products have been trusted by thousands of scientists and have been featured in countless publications over the years with our name and our products always going hand in hand with quality.

One purchase can be a mistake, but multiple purchases from one client are certainly not. Our products spanning a wide range of uses and applications have gained the trust of our customers everywhere in the world. Our cell counter CASY, our CERO 3D Incubator and Bioreactor as well as the wide range of cell culture, flow cytometry and innovative high-throughput imaging solutions have been used for a wide range of applications ranging from microbiology, diagnostics, to immuno-oncology and drug discovery. In the most difficult times of COVID-19, we tailored our response with our COVID package to help advance the research to ease the pandemic.

We also pride ourselves in the quality of our talented people who are there for you every step of the way. We help with your questions, your purchase, your setup, maintenance as well as high quality consulting whenever necessary! Take a look at our products and get in touch, we will be there every step of the way!

OLS Brochure 2023
Discover the comprehensive portfolio for Cell Research. Find products, services and trainings for Cell Counting, Culture, Live Cell Imaging, Flow Cytometry and Cell Analysis.

Cell Counter & Analyzer

Superior high precision label free cell counting and cell-state documentation.

3D Cell Culture

CERO 3D – No gravity
Innovative reliable and reproduceable extension of 3D cell and organoid cultures on long and short term

Live Cell Analysis

xCELLigence® RTCA systems
Label free reliable migratory and proliferative cellular data even for low contrast cells. High definition pharmacological and cell physiological measurement instrumentation



OLS is your ideal research partner. Our wide range of innovative products span a wide range of applications. From microbiology, the world of microorganisms including COVID-19, to drug discovery, our cell culture, imaging and cell analysis products are your perfect lab partners. Even if you go into the complex world of immuno-oncology, you will find great flow cytometry products, cell counters (CASY), as well as single cell dispensers. All our products can also help you with any biobanking efforts you might have. Take a look and get in touch! We are happy to help any time!

Discover our comprehensive workflow for stem cell research in our brochure:

Latest news

Young Interns in the Company

Inside Story | Fabian Stautz

2 interns are doing an internship with us for 2 months

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New OLS Brochure Available

News | Fabian Stautz

OLS released the new 2023 brochure with a comprehensive overview over the key focuses and all available products.

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Making the Impossible Possible

News | Fabian Stautz

Track and trace growth and differentiation of hundreds of iPSC-derived organoids.

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Advancing Your Science

News | Amir Keric

Bremen, MAY 5 2023. To obtain reliable results from cell culture experiments, it is essential to use high-quality culture solutions.

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Slingshot Biosciences, Inc. Partners with OLS

News | Dr. Andreas Friese

Bremen, JULY 8, 2022. SLINGSHOT BIOSCIENCES, INC. the developers of synthetic cells, today announced they have extended their distribution channel through a new agreement with OLS – OMNI Life Science. OLS is your partner for solutions in Flow Cytometry, Cell Culture, Cell Counting, Imaging, and Cell Analysis.

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Single cell sorting and dispensing instruments

News | Dr. Andreas Friese

Bremen, March 18, 2021. We are excited to announce our distribution agreement with Namocell Inc., a leading provider of high-performance single cell sorting and dispensing platforms. As of now on OLS OMNI Life Science offers an expanded cell research portfolio focused next to single cell sorting and dispensing on cell culture, counting, flow cytometry, Analysis and Imaging.

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Monitoring your 3D cell cultures in your incubator

Live Cell Analysis | Rui da Silva Guimarães

Visualize your spheroids and organoids, 24-Channels at a time!

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Real-Time Cell Analysis and Monitoring of Virus-Mediated Cytopathic Effects

Live Cell Analysis | Dr. Kathrin Ringwald

In the current times, where several of us are fighting the race against the time to find the cure and prevention for COVID-19, the evaluation and the need for better technologies for virus-mediated cytopathogenicity have become more and more of relevance. The xCELLigence real-time cell analysis (RTCA) from Agilent technologies proves to be one such technology, making use of non-invasive electrical current based measurements.

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