Anaerobic Cultivation Catalyst Palladox™
Save time and work smart with the flexibility and convenience of Palladox™

Dedicated to streamlining your Anoxomat®-III workflow and prevent wasting precious time, single-use user-friendly disposable sachets of Palladox™ Disposable Catalyst is designed to optimize and simplify.
Do not waste precious time reheating the catalyst – no oven necessary.

Catalyst PalladoxPalladox™ Disposable Catalyst


  • Easy: Made to fit – compatible with all Anoxomat® jars
  • Saves time: No reheating; cuts wait time by up to 2 hours
  • Simplifies workflow: User-friendly sachets
  • Standardized: No guesswork on catalyst activity
  • Expedites processing: So you optimize your time


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