Reusable Anaerobic Cultivation Catalysts
Convenience - Quality - Consistency


Every day, your lab generates results that clinicians rely on to diagnose and treat patients. You require consistent growth as soon as possible. The consistent jar environment of Anoxomat is a method you can rely on to culture patient samples every time. It integrates into your workflow and eliminates the extra steps required by anaerobic chambers and gas-generating sachets. This is possible with reusable anaerobic cultivation catalysts.

– Better results in less time –

Rapid growth of anaerobic and other pathogens can lead to faster, more effective anti-microbial treatment for patients.


For excellent results, excellent consumables are needed. These reusable anaerobic cultivation catalysts are used to create anaerobic conditions in anaerobic jars, jar gassing systems and anaerobic chambers. They are lso suitable with the A-Box and A-tube anaerobic jar series of Kentron.

Anaerobic Reusable Catalysts - Small

  • 6 pcs. catalysts with Palladium grains for binding oxygen to hydrogen (small)

Product Code 2500587

  • 2 pcs. stainless steel packing with Palladium granulate grains (large)

Product Code 2500677

Anaerobic Cultivation System

Exact, repeatable anaerobic and microaerophilic growth environments

Anoxomat III®

Disposable Anaerobic Cultivation Catalyst

Save time, work smart - flexibility & convenience



Dr. Andreas Friese
COO & Managing Director Switzerland

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