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Drug Discovery Process
Drug Discovery Process

Technologies for Drug Discovery Cycle

There are several stages in a drug discovery cycle. As shown above, in the picture, these include early stages (target validation, hit to lead identification) and pre-clinical research. Each stage of the drug discovery process involves the use of different techniques and methods. These techniques are often overlapped among the different steps in the drug discovery pipeline.

OLS – Your One Stop for Drug Discovery Solutions

Drug Discovery Solutions OLS
OLS Drug Discovery Solutions

Let us have a closer look at the workflow and its solutions

Target Identification and Validation

Flow Cytometers are being used for almost every stage in the drug discovery cycle. These can include applications related to the identification and validation of the target, hit-to-lead identification, candidate selection, and safety efficacy.

At OLS, we provide the Agilent’s NovoCyte Flow Cytometers known for their fast and sensitive detection of the target labeled with up to 30 fluorescent colors. With the high-throughput capability, identify the lead through your targets and validate their efficacy. Following these steps, perform the perfect selection of the candidate, an antibody, a protein, or a small molecule.

The Single Cell Dispensers, NamoCell, and HANA make an ideal benchtop solution for the selection of single cells/clones in the early stages of the upstream processing (USP) for example, cell line development.

Flow Cytometry NovoCyte

For Easy and Fast Target Identification, Validation, and Much more

Flow Cytometry NovoCyte Instruments

Single Cell Dispenser Namocell

Selection of your positive single cell/clone for the best Ab titer

Single Cell Dispenser Namocell

High Throughput Screening

Modern and innovative cell imaging techniques have allowed cell-based assays to be used for preclinical research during drug discovery and development. With automated and digital imaging systems, it is now possible to visualize, image, and analyze in high throughput the various aspects of cells to identify, validate drug targets and small molecules. These assays can include evaluation of phenotypic changes, monitoring drug activity via the use of biomarkers or stem cell fate in vivo. This helps to not only characterize the drug targets but also to improve their efficacy.

At OLS, one can easily get their hands at modern cell imaging systems ranging from simple epifluorescence to fully automated high-end digital imaging systems for fast imaging and analysis. Screen and image 96-well plate or a 384-well plate in an automated manner along with robotic integration for plate handling.

CELENA® S Digital Imaging

Benchtop imaging system for your daily imaging

Digital Imaging System CELENA® S

CELENA® X Imaging System

Fast and fully automated imaging system for target

High Throughput Imaging System CELENA® X

WiScan® Hermes

Ultra-fast, equipped with deep learning algorithms and robotics integration for high throughput screenings.

High Content Screening Workstation WiScan® Hermes

Along with high throughput screening and imaging, the Agilent xCELLigence RTCA eSight combines the impedance power with live-cell imaging. So now, not only visualize and analyze the potency, cytotoxicity, or ADCC assays but also have a visual validation to it.

xCELLigence® RTCA eSight

Impedance + Imaging = Target screening and validation in high throughput.

Real-Time Live-Cell Imaging System xCELLigence® RTCA eSight

An alternative to in vivo testing

Animal experiments, although vital to the drug discovery and development pipeline, are also time and resource-consuming. Of course, the ethics part also needs to be taken into consideration. Recent years have seen the emergence of 3D culture models as disease models and an alternative to animal testing.

If you can culture, validate the efficacy of either the lead molecule or confirm the safety and efficacy of the drug target on organoids, spheroids, then the burden caused by animal testing can be greatly reduced.

The CERO 3D Incubator and Bioreactor is the perfect partner for your drug research.

3D Cell Culture Bioreactor CERO 3D

Culture ~1000s of 3D cultures without much ado.

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