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Flow cytometry has been a crucial technique in the advances of cell biology and biomedical research. It is now a well-established method to identify cells in solution and is most commonly used for evaluating peripheral blood, bone marrow, and other body fluids. Flow cytometry is able to identify and quantify cells such as immune cells by measuring cell size, cell granularity, cell surface receptors and even intracellular proteins. Flow cytometers receive single cell suspensions as their input to run through a laser beam where each cell is counted and sorted to be further characterized based on the light scattered off the cell.

When it comes to flow cytometry, OLS provides an all-round partner with a highly efficient range of instruments and antibodies. Our NovoCyte Flow Cytometers offer different properties, functionalities and designs depending on your needs. The NovoCyte classic cytometer with offers 3 lasers at a small investment, while the Advanteon, Penteon and Quanteon all offer more advanced technologies with up to 30 colors. This is of course in addition to advanced software that helps users navigate the instruments with ease and ensuring high quality data obtained. Our flow cytometry solutions can be easily used for a wide range of applications in hematological disorders, cancer biology and most notably immuno-oncology. From bioengineering of T lymphocytes for immunotherapy, and immune checkpoint blockades, monitoring to drug distribution to tumor cells, as well as immune cell stimulation regulation.

Flow Cytometry NovoCyte

Multicolor research instruments for your flow cytometry lab

Flow Cytometry NovoCyte Instruments

Curiox Laminar Wash

Fully automated centrifuge-less washing. Achieve superior consistency of flow cytometry data using centrifuge-less washing.

Washing System for Flow Cytometry

Antibodies for Flow Cytometry

Setting the benchmark for Flow Cytometry. Powerful – Broad range – Multiple Fluorophores

Antibodies for Flow Cytometry

Synthetic Cell Controls by Slingshot

Synthetic Cell Controls for Flow Cytometry by Slinghot - For Quality Control in drug development, diagnostics and cell therapy

Synthetic Cell Controls by Slingshot


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