Corona Package

We have compiled a package supporting Vaccine and Virology research given the current Corona situation.


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a contagious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The virus has been identified in December 2019 and the disease has since spread worldwide, leading to an ongoing worldwide pandemic.

The fact that there is no specific, effective treatment or cure for COVID-19 yet, has created a substantial and sustained need for effective research to first to understand the viral microbiology and the pathology of the disease on cells. This means that many questions are arising with regards to drug discovery and development creating further need for cell culture, imaging, diagnostics as well as biobanking.

In our effort to respond to the ongoing siutation, we have compiled a package supporting vaccine, virology and drug discovery research given the current COVID-19 situation. In our experience, we know that vaccine and virology workflows should be simple, robust and cost-effective while allowing allow high-throughput assay development. The whole process should enable continuous sampling with relative ease of setup and little attention requirements. This is undoubtedly in addition to highly reproducible results. CERO, CASY and RTCA xCelligence, a combination which is your fastest way to reliable expansion and infection of cells, quality control and real-time assay development in fields of vaccine production and virology research.

For your drug discovery efforts, constant cell culture monitoring and high throughput imaging is required. For this purpose, we recommend zenCell Owl and Hermes WiScan. Indeed, COVID-19 has created an immediate need for biobanking. This would require high quality cryopreservation products so take a look at our HiSepTM Lymphocyte Separation Media, CryoXLTM – Cryopreservation as well as Cryo Vials. Last but not least, given the effects of COVID-19 on the immune system, there is a growing need of understanding how the immune system responds to the virus, the vaccination and how the cytokine storm occurs. For this purpose, the NovoCyte flow cytometry instruemts, the Namocell single cell dispenser might be of great use!

In Vaccine and Virology, optimization of workflow like expansion of cells, quality control and real-time assay development are of utmost importance.

Vaccine and Virology workflows should be:

  • simple, robust and cost-effective
  • allow high-throughput assay development
  • enable continuous sampling throughout the process
  • easy to set up and require little attention
  • provide highly reproducible results

CERO, CASY and RTCA xCelliegence, a combination which is your fastest way to reliable expansion and infection of cells, quality control and real-time assay development in fields of vaccine production and virology research.
In following find some information about these devices and descriptions of corona package contents associated with it.

CERO - 3D benchtop incubator & bioreactor

3D Cell Culture Bioreactor CERO Frontview
CERO is the best choice when it comes to cultivation of spheroids, organoids or even tissue.

  • improves expansion and cell infection
  • enables long term maturation and differentiation
  • minimizes need for manual interaction
  • reduces demand in consumption of expensive media

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CASY - The legendary Cell Counter that can do so much more

Cell Counter And Analyzer CASY Software Graph
Since decades, CASY proves its reliability and precision in hundreds of places globally every day

  • new acquisition and analysis software
  • continuous sampling throughout the process
  • quality control – detect slightest changes of your cells
  • results in seconds
    • no staining needed
    • cell count, cell viability, cell size, cell aggregation and total biomass
  • hundreds of publications

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RTCA xCelligence - Reliable tool for studying virus-mediated cytopathogenicity

Live Cell Analysis System xCELLigence
For many years, RTCA xCelligence technology has been proving its reliability and precision in vaccine and virology research.

  • fast and high throughput
  • real-time: quantitative monitoring of CPE
  • label free and imaging methods combined
  • accurate, precise and highly reproducible
  • easy work flow: requires only the addition of virus to host cells

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RTCA xCELLigence - News

Real-Time Cell Analysis and Monitoring of Virus-Mediated Cytopathic Effects

Live Cell Analysis | Dr. Kathrin Ringwald

In the current times, where several of us are fighting the race against the time to find the cure and prevention for COVID-19, the evaluation and the need for better technologies for virus-mediated cytopathogenicity have become more and more of relevance. The xCELLigence real-time cell analysis (RTCA) from Agilent technologies proves to be one such technology, making use of non-invasive electrical current based measurements.

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Curiox Laminar Wash™ Systems for Flow Cytometry

Curiox Laminar Wash Systems for Flow Cytometry
The outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in shifting priorities for many researchers. Sample handling of COVID-19 samples is extremely important and may need to be conducted in a biosafety cabinet.
With the CURIOX Laminar Cell Washer we provide a proven technology that enables you to:

  • Process infectious samples completely within a biosafety cabinet
  • Washing without centrifugation, eliminating aerosolization of potentially infectious samples
  • Improve consistency of flow cytometry data using centrifuge-less washing
  • Increase cell retention compared to centrifugation

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In this video you will learn how whole blood samples are easily processed with the CURIOX Laminar Flow Washer without centrifugation in a biosafety cabinent.

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