High Content Screening Workstation WiScan® Hermes
Automated Imaging from Organelles to Organisms

Dedicated to high content imaging and analysis for image-based assays in cell biology studies and drug discovery processes, a new High Content Imaging System WiScan Hermes - brings publication-quality images at high throughput speeds to the research lab.

Highlights - High Content Screening Workstation WiScan® Hermes

High Content Screening Workstation WiScan® Hermes
  • Up to 7 colors + bright field
  • Magnification range 2x – 60x
  • Use a variety of multi-well plates, slides, dishes

Take a Closer Look

Push-button operation gives access even to novice users, while experienced microscopists will appreciate the comprising application-based image analysis tools of WiSoft Athena image analysis software.

Scan a 96-well plate in 2 min, or a 1536 well plate in 20 mins.

Hermes WiScan operates at extremely high speeds of image acquisition. Multi-channel imaging of a 384 well plate with four colors is finalized after 5 min – in all ranges of magnification, achieving an image resolution from 0.1 – 3 µm/pixel 60x – 2x.

Time Lapse Experiments

Live-cell imaging gets feasible by the instrument’s environmental stabilization conditions. While the objectives are moved for scanning, the microplate remains fixed during the assay.

Object Mapping

Smart object mapping further enhances throughput: at fast low magnification scans whole wells, identifying areas of interest, which are then imaged at higher magnification (e.g., 20x – 60x) using patented automatic objective changer.


Readily interface WiScan to plate stackers and robotic plate handlers for efficient high-resolution imaging 24/7 experiments, including remote accessibility. Numerous established lab robots are supported.


Application tools for analysis and visualization comprise statistical analysis and sub-population analysis for

  • cell counting
  • translocation
  • cell cycle
  • cell morphology
  • protein expression
  • intracellular granules
  • spheroids and 3D objects
  • live/dead cell count
  • cytometry
  • cell count in colonies
  • multiplexing
  • cytoskeleton fiber analysis


Choose from a broad range of renowned air objectives, while using a variety of plates and sample formats.

  • up to 7 fluorescence colors
  • photobleaching (FRAP) with high screening throughput
  • simultaneous acquisition mode for specific colors combinations
  • FRET protein-interaction experiments

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