Cell Culture Solutions by OLS
OLS - Your Partner in Cell Culture

Cell Culture Solutions by OLS
Cell Culture Solutions by OLS

Cell culture needs to be done right. Whether it is cell culture media or reagents, consumables or even a bioreactor. OLS is your right partner.

The CERO 3D Incubator & Bioreactor indeed is an ever-evolving a state-of-the-art dynamic culture system, accelerates your processes reduces costs and hands-on time and allows multiplexing. You can even take it to a next level with our cell counter.

The cell counter CASY, is your ideal partner for counting a wide range of cells. With variable cell size from large stem cell aggregates to small yeast or bacteria, CASY can do it all. As a cell counter, it is highly reproducible, accurate, easy to use with no sample preparation. CASY cell counter and analyzer has been successful and widely used in several thousands of publications globally and increasing each year.

Indeed, cell culture needs the right antibiotics, balanced salts, reagents and of course consumables. Take a look at our wide range of products that can help you push your research forward!

Cell culture also needs the right imaging partners. At OLS we provide a wide range of imaging solutions that go hand in hand with your cell culture applications whether you are working on microbiology, immuno-oncology, diagnostics, or even drug discovery. The xCelligence Real-Time Cell Analyzer allows you to obtain data on cell number, size, adhesion, kinetics, morphology and even interactions in real-time. Our zenCell Owl and Hermes WiScan System can be a perfect fit for your cell culture monitoring and high throughput imaging efforts for your cell culture!

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