When it comes to Diagnostics, OLS is your partner!

When it comes to Diagnostics, OLS is your partner every step of the way.

Advances in cell and molecular biology studies have revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of many different diseases. Cellular and molecular diagnostics have become an essential part of providing optimal care and personalized treatments. Understanding the pathogenesis and prognosis of various diseases requires the right equipment providing highest quality results in a time-efficient manner.

Live Cell Analysis with xCELLigence®
Live Cell Analysis with xCELLigence®

Our Real Time Cell Analysis (RTCA) technology, provides you with an ideal bench-top partner to determine viral infections of cells and detect virus titers as well as the determination of neutralizing antibodies. This is all achieved with high sensitivity, without any cell-labelling and with only minimal hands-on-time.

Flow Cytometry NovoCyte Instruments

Our flow cytometry solutions are ideal for your diagnostic efforts for immunologic, oncologic and blood disorders. Agilent’s NovoCyte Flow Cytometers known for their fast and sensitive detection of the target labeled with up to 30 fluorescent colors. For high quality personalized medicine, you can combine it with our Namocell Single Cell Dispenser for studying a patient’s blood or immune cells, circulating tumor cells (CTCs) isolation and profiling, and even for other tissue types for single cell studies following a biopsy.

Our imaging solutions are also ideal for tissue biopsies. Hermes WiScan® High Content Screening Workstation, with multi-channel imaging with up to 7 colors of a 384 well plate with four colors is finalized after 5 min, in all ranges of magnification. This provides a time-efficient high quality diagnostic solution with software for cell counting and morphology, intracellular granules, cell counts and even protein expression levels.

High Content Screening Workstation WiScan® Hermes

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