Incubator Microscope zenCELL owl
View your cell culture in real-time

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Highlights - Incubator Microscope zenCELL owl

  • 24-channel automated incubator microscope
  • Small footprint
  • Built-in image processing algorithms for fast and accurate data analysis
  • Broad range of applications for real time monitoring of cell growth and confluency, cytotoxicity, stem cell monitoring and cell migration

Incubator Microscope zenCELL owl
Cell Counter and Analyzer CASY

The zenCell owl is real-time incubator microscope system. Inside, 24 mini-microscope enable a new simultaneous observation of your cell culture. Use your own incubator and your standard laboratory computer. Setting up the zenCell owl in less than a minute, just connect the zenCell owl via USB 3.0, install the software and let’s go.

There is a strong push in all fields of biomedical research to move from 2D tissue culture models to 3D. We develop microanalytical techniques to monitor such in vitro models. The ZenCellOwl has helped us considerably in our research projects as it provides time lapse microscopic imaging of various cell phenotypes in 2D and 3D cell culture models without opening the incubator door. Currently, all our technical developments are paralleled by microscopic correlations using the ZenCellOwl. It has become an indispensable tool for us.

Prof. Dr. Joachim Wegener, Universität Regensburg

How the Microscope zenCELL owl will ease monitoring your cell cultures

The zenCELL owl is a live cell imaging device. This real-time incubator microscope system has 24 independent mini-microscopes which enable a simultaneous observation of your cell cultures.

It is that easy: Install the free software, place the zenCELL owl in your incubator, connect it via USB 3.0 to your own laboratory computer and it is ready for use. There is no need for an additional power supply. Create a new Project in the Software, put the cells in their defined conditions and start monitoring them live from outside on your computer screen. Culture quality and data can be comfortably checked from your PC – anywhere and anytime without entering the lab.

Acquire images while cells stay where they belong – in the incubator: The zenCELL owl automatically images the 24 wells in a frequency of your choice, with a minimum interval of 10 min. Long term measurements can be performed over time periods of a few hours up to many days. Different microscopic techniques, like Brightfield, Darkfield and even Digital Phase Contrast are available. Zoom down to cell level, capture high quality photos or create time-lapse videos.

zenCELL owl Software

Try the new version 3.3 for all devices.

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Let the software do your job: The zenCELL owl’s software provides data visualization and analysis in real time and around the clock – 24/7. Algorithms automatically evaluate the cell coverage and cell number. This creates consistent, reproducible and reliable results with no subjective scope of interpretation. You can then sort and graph your acquired dataset, compare mean values and standard deviations of individually selected wells. Or, you can also export the dataset and use alternative means at any time, easing the workload of organizing your Data for a Scientific study.

Space-saving and easy to maintain: The zenCELL owl is the about the size of a standard cell culture plate, only 10.5 x 18 x 18 cm (H x W x D), and weighs just 1.05 kg. It leaves you enough space in the incubator so you can use it in parallel with other experiments. The device is compatible with a range of standard cell culture vessels like multi-well plates, flasks or individual formats. The housing is completely closed and easily sterilizable due to absence of mechanical parts or rust-prone screws. Just useIsopropanol or other common medias for wipe cleaning.


Benefit from a wide range of possible applications.

Some examples:

  • Documentation and analysis of cell growth
  • Comparison and analysis of extracellular conditions (e.g. glucose concentration, pH value or different mediums)
  • Continuously determining cell confluence in 24 spots
  • Analysing effects of component on cell cultures (e.g. cytotoxicity or biocompatibility)
  • Migration or Scratch assays
  • Stem cell observation

Measure the wound healing speed accurately!

Watch the growth and behavior of your cells inside the incubator

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