Casting a wider net in Zebrafish screening with automated microscopy and image analysis

13th July 2021
05:00 pm - 06:00 pm CEST
Join Dr. Alexandra Lubin and Dr. Jason Otterstrom as they discuss the use of deep learning-powered automated microscopy and image analysis for fast, in vivo zebrafish screening.

Zebrafish are rapidly becoming a popular model organism for in vivo studies, particularly for drug screening and toxicology studies. Their benefits include fast development, economical husbandry, and direct amenability to microscopy since embryos are transparent. While imaging is fairly straightforward, in many cases, a substantial bottleneck to automated workflows is image analysis.

In this webinar, Dr. Jason Otterstrom and Dr. Alexandra Lubin will describe an AI-powered analysis platform developed to enable true high-content screening of zebrafish, and highlight a range of applications where they have validated its performance. In brief, the easy-to-use software automatically identifies the fish outline, and internal anatomy & body regions with no required user inputs. They will demonstrate the platform’s applicability in the context of counting GFP-labeled hematopoietic stem cells specifically in the tail region, along with measurement of x-ray induced apoptosis and dual-color analysis.

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