Making the Impossible Possible
Platform to develop clonal iPSC-derived organoids

Fabian Stautz

Track and trace growth and differentiation of hundreds of iPSC-derived organoids.

Adoption of iPSC-derived organoids has been limited to relatively low throughput applications, as the workflows are hampered by challenges in reproducibility and scalability, as well as being manually intensive.

Reimagine your iPSC-derived organoid assays

  • Track and trace growth and differentiation of hundreds of iPSC-derived organoids

  • Fully automate isolation of individual viable, intact organoids of interest

  • Generate customized 96-well plates for organoid-based assays, such as clonal propagation, drug or toxicity screening, or target discovery


With the CellRaft Technology, we have shown how to increase the generation and reproducibility of iPSC-derived organoids.

Take a look at the newly released application note to answer the following questions:

  • How can iPSCs be reliably differentiated into tissue-specific organoids?

  • What is the best protocol for developing clonal organoids?

  • Can the differentiation of individual organoids be monitored over time?

Relevant for your research? Download the App Note to improve your research pursuits:

Single Cell Tracker & Isolator System

Automatically image, identify and isolate

CellRaft AIR®

Raftnote iPSC-derived Organoid Assays

Making the impossible possible: Platform and protocols to develop clonal iPSC-derived organoids

Download Here


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