Single cell sorting and dispensing instruments
Now available in Germany and Austria

Dr. Andreas Friese

Bremen, March 18, 2021. We are excited to announce our distribution agreement with Namocell Inc., a leading provider of high-performance single cell sorting and dispensing platforms. As of now on OLS OMNI Life Science offers an expanded cell research portfolio focused next to single cell sorting and dispensing on cell culture, counting, flow cytometry, Analysis and Imaging.

Namocell Partners with OLS to Expand Distribution to Germany and Austria

Namocell - The fastet way to a single cell

“There has been significant demand for our Single Cell Dispensers in Germany and Austria,” said Namocell CEO Dr. Junyu Lin. OLS as a leading player in the Germany and Austria markets with strong track record in distributing cell-based research is a perfect partner to serve the markets.

“Namocell’s industry-leading single cell isolation instruments are a game-changer for cell line engineering and development, CRISPR, single cell genomics, antibody development and other single cell applications. The Namocell Single Cell Dispenser is fast, gentle and very easy to use. It enables researchers to sort and dispense single cells within minutes while preserving cell viability and integrity, so you can get excellent outgrowth and better data. It can handle sample input ranging from 100 cells to 150 million cells/mL. The versatility offers an ideal solution no matter you have precious clinical samples or want to isolate extremely rare cells from a large amount of cells,” said Dr. Andreas Friese, OLS Director Sales & Marketing. “We are very excited to bring these innovative high-performance instruments to more labs in Germany and Austria.”

About Namocell Inc.

Namocell - The fastet way to a single cell

Namocell provides innovative single cell sorting and dispensing platforms to empower single cell research and therapeutics development. Namocell’s single cell dispensers are the fastest and easiest way to identify and isolate single cells, and enable users to accomplish single cell sorting and dispensing in one step in a way that is gentle to live cells. We serve researchers and scientists in a wide range of applications, including cell line development and engineering, CRISPR and iPSC cloning, single cell genomics, cell and gene therapy, antibody development, rare cell isolation, and synthetic biology. Learn more at

About OLS OMNI Life Science

OLS OMNI Life Science is established as manufacturer and partner for leading technology organizations and companies. Focusing on people and innovations the OLS mission is to promote research in Life Sciences with smart, reliable and user-friendly. The OLS instruments are found in laboratories of the public sector, private laboratories, and laboratories of the pharmaceutical – and biotechnology industries.
The broad product portfolio includes instruments, reagents and services for cell culture, counting, imaging, flow cytometry, single cell sorting and analysis supporting a wide range of applications. The OLS experts consult, train and support the researchers and scientists with their expertise and knowledge.

Get to know OLS OMNI Life Science as the Partner in Cell Research at

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