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Fabian Stautz

OLS released the new 2023 brochure with a comprehensive overview over the key focuses and all available products.

OLS has recently released the 2023 brochure, providing a detailed overview of the key focuses and product offerings. The brochure covers all the essential aspects of the company, including cell culture, counting, imaging, flow cytometry and cell analysis. We have been providing cutting-edge technology to the life sciences industry, and this brochure is a showcase of this portfolio.

One of the most significant advantages of this brochure is the comprehensive overview of the key focuses of OLS. Interested scientists can gain an in-depth understanding of the services that OLS provides and how they can benefit from them. The brochure ensures that customers have access to all the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

This brochure highlights OLS’s expertise in cell culture, with a wide range of consumables. As Your Partner in Cell Research, OLS has an complete, established workflow for 3D cell culture – from the dissociation of primary cells to the precise analysis of cell aggregates. The cell counting system offered by OLS is of particular interest to many customers in the life sciences industry. Cell counting is an essential part of cell research, and OLS provides high-quality equipment to help researchers obtain accurate results. The brochure also details the imaging devices offered by OLS, which are ideal for capturing high-resolution images of cells and tissues in culture. Another focus area covered in the brochure is flow cytometry, a powerful technique used for analyzing cells and identifying specific populations of cells in complex mixtures. OLS offers a wide range of flow cytometers, making it easy for researchers to choose the right instrument for their needs. The brochure also provides an in-depth look at OLS’s cell analysis solutions, which include a range of instruments and reagents designed to help researchers understand the characteristics of cells and tissues.

In conclusion, the release of OLS’s new 2023 brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s key focuses and available products. With this brochure, OLS is providing customers with the latest technology and exceptional service. Researchers looking for high-quality cell culture products, a cell counting system, imaging devices, flow cytometers, and cell analysis solutions can find everything they need in this brochure, making it a perfect entrance point for anyone working in the life sciences field to become a partner in cell research.


Cell counting & quality control with no limits

CASY Cell Counter & Analyzer

Cell Culture

3D cell culture, media, reagents and plastic articles

Cell Culture Solutions by OLS


Live imaging, fluorescence imaging and simultaneous analysis

Imaging solutions by OLS

Flow Cytometry

Multicolor research for your flow cytometry lab

Flow Cytometry at OLS

Cell Analysis

Real-time cell analysis with impedance-based proliferation assays

Real-Time Cell Analysis


Fabian Stautz
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