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Cell culture needs to be done right. Whether it is cell culture media or reagents, consumables or even a bioreactor. OLS is Your Partner in Cell Culture.

The CERO 3D Incubator & Bioreactor indeed is an ever-evolving a state-of-the-art dynamic culture system, accelerates your processes reduces costs and hands-on time and allows multiplexing. You can even take it to a next level with our cell counter.

The cell counter CASY, is your ideal partner for counting a wide range of cells. With variable cell size from large stem cell aggregates to small yeast or bacteria, CASY can do it all. As a cell counter, it is highly reproducible, accurate, easy to use with no sample preparation and has been successfully and widely used in several thousands of publications globally and increasing each year.

Explore the brand new HiMedia portfolio of animal cell culture with OLS as distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our portfolio offers a broad range of classical media, balanced salt solutions, reagents, sera, plasticware, biochemicals and many more – anything required for cell culture. We meet the evolving needs of biologists by consistently upgrading and increasing our product profile. The catalog caters to all the needs of cell culture for research and industrial purposes globally.


Cell Culture Media Overview
Cell Culture Media Overview

The product catalog includes several hundred of cell culture media. This includes different variations of classical media and as well as special media. Depending on the product, bottles volume for liquid media includes 50ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml while packaging for powder media range from 1L to 100L.

For detailed information about cell culture media download the catalog here:

If you cannot find the media you need, customization is our strength!

Contact us and lets us know your requirements whether it is different kind of packaging, variations in the combination of salts or buffers, or other requirements. We will try our best to support you with the solution you need, so you can focus on your work, instead of bothering about preparing media.

Virus Production Medium

Understanding the complexity and key challenges involved in vaccine production process, a chemically defined, serum-free, animal component free medium – such as CELLin1™ – fulfills an essential role. This medium is suitable for virus cultivation in broad range of cell lines such as Vero, MDCK, MDBK, PK-15 and MRC-5.

  • Regulartory concerns minimized: Serum free and low protein media do not contain any components of human and animal origin, which brings batch uniformity and ease of upstream and downstream processing. Being chemically defined, these media also eliminate the risk of contamination by animal pathogen thereby making the manufacturing process safer.
  • Scalability: Carefully designed for growth of specific cell types, these serum free media are suitable for 2D as well as 3D culture systems at laboratory scale applications and in large scale productionruns.
  • Customization: Custom formulations and custom packaging options available to suit your process.
Seed Preparation and Cell Banking

Banking of host cell line and preparation of the seed are the two major preliminary steps involved in viral vaccine production. CELLin1™ supports continuous growth of host cells through multiple subcultures, making it suitable for banking. Consistent cell growth over serial subcultures, suitable for cell expansion and banking.

Cellin1™ cell growth consistency Vero, PK-15, MDCK and MDBK cells were seeded in CELLin1™ in T175 flask. Consistent cell density was obtained throughout 5 subcultures and viability of each cell was more than 90%, making it suitable for host cell expansion and banking.

Flexibility of Production Format

Cells are grown in classical 2D monolayer format during cell banking and expansion phase whereas, 3D microcarrier culturing is performed during actual virus cultivation and vaccine production phase. CELLin1™ has been optimized to support the growth of cells in 2D as well as 3D microcarrier system. Consistent cell growth over serial subcultures, suitable for cell expansion and banking.

Optimal Host Cell Growth

Cultivation period for most viruses in cell line host ranges from 2-4 days. CELLin1™ supports sustained growth of host cells high cell densities on harvest, thereby assuring optimum virus multiplication.

Cellin1™ Vero cell growth Vero cells were seeded in CELLin1™ and competitor medium at 0.05*106 in T175 flasks. Cells were cultured at 37°C, 5% CO2, for 4 days. At each point in time, the cell viability in CELLin1™ was more than 90% throughout 4 days.

Vaccine Production Medium

All the HEK-based vaccine manufacturing processes require a highly efficient and productive serum free and animal component free medium at each step starting from cell banking to cell expansion and virus production in bioreactor. HEKin1™ is a serum free and animal component free medium optimized for the growth and expansion of HEK293 cells under serum-free conditions. This is a complete media that will support growth of HEK293 cells without further supplementation. This media has been tested for its ability to support high-density cultures of HEK293 cells.

  • Scalability for use in shake flasks & bioreactors
  • Completely defined system eliminates variability
  • Consistent performance improves reproducibility
  • Decreased possibility of contamination by adventitious agents
  • Saves time with simplified purification and downstream processing
  • Supports high cell density, culture longevity and increased yield
  • Manufactured in GMP & ISO 9001 certified facility

HiSepTM – Lymphocyte Separation Media

PBMCs – Peripheral Blood mononuclear cells – are a mixture of many subsets of lymphocytes and monocytes. The isolation of PBMCs is fundamental for immunology research.

HiSep™ Lymphocyte Separation Media are sterile, ready to use, density gradient media for isolating viable mononuclear cells from human blood and other animal species. They are made up of a polymer of sucrose with high synthetic molecular weight. Mononuclear cells (lymphocytes and monocytes) and platelets are contained in the banded plasma-LSM interphase due to their density and the pellet that is formed contains mostly erythrocytes and granulocytes, which have migrated through the gradient to the bottom of the tube.

  • Highest consistency of different lots of LS001 with respect to purity of isolated PBMC’s
  • Very low Endotoxin level <0.3 EU/ml
  • Manufactured in GMP, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified facility
  • CE Marked for IVD(98/79/EC)
  • Performance Test 95 ± 5% mononuclear cells
  • 5 ± 2% red blood cells
  • 3 ± 2% granulocytes
  • >90% viability of separated cells
Code Product Name Density (g/ml) Cell type separated
LS001 HiSep™ LSM 1077 1.077 Human mononuclear cells (Lymphocytes and monocytes)
LS002 HiSep™ LSM 1073 1.073 Lower density human mononuclear cells (eg- mesenchymal stromal cells or monocytes).
LS003 HiSep™ LSM 1084 1.084 Mononuclear cells of higher density from Chicken, Rats, Mice and other Mammals)
LS004 GranuloSep™ GSM1119 1.119 Human mononuclear cells and granulocytes
LS005 Ficoll 400-20% Commonly used to prepare density gradients
LS006 HiSep™ LSM 1077 with 10mM HEPES 1.077 Human mononuclear cells (Lymphocytes and monocytes)

Purity and viability are two major criteria for the performance of Separation media. Hence, both are controlled very strictly for each batch including use of Flow Cytometry and CASY counting and volume-based size detection.

Flow cytometric analysis showing lymphocytes and monocytes gated populations based on forward scatter (FSC) and side scatter (SSC).

Lymphocyte Separation Media Flow

PBMC sample analyzed using CASY cell counter & analyzer showing

  • lymphocytes and monocytes gated population based on their volume
  • Cell number and viability and cell counts

Get more information about CASY Cell Counter and Analyzer

Lymphocyte Separation Media Counting

CryoXLTM – Cryopreservation


Cryopreservation is a central process in all cell culture laboratories. The right cryopreservation tools guarantee best recovery, viability and vitality after thawing. The HiMedia catalog encompasses complete solutions for any freezing workflow – from cryomedia to cryovials.

Cryopreservation BottlesCryoXLTM Media enable highest viability of various kind of cell types. Solutions include:

  • Cell Freezing Media – DMSO
  • Cell Freezing Media – Glycerol
  • Chemically Defined Serum Free Freezing Medium
  • Stem Cell Freezing Medium
  • Hybridoma Cell Freezing Medium
CryoXL Overview

Increased viability after thawing – no matter if the cell line is sensitive or regular:

CryoXL™ Cell Freezing Medium contains either DMSO or Glycerol as a cryoprotective agent. TCL093 contains higher percentage of serum and has been optimized for freezing of sensitive cell lines such as insect cell lines, HEK293 and primary fibroblasts.

Regular and Sensitive Cell Lines Graph

Post thaw recovery of different cell lines cryopreserved in CryoXL™ DMSO (product code: TCL043)


Regular and Sensitive Cell Lines Table

Animal Origin Free and Serum-Free Formulation – Developed to reduce regulatory hassle:

Specially designed for cryopreservation of mammalian cells cultured in serum free conditions. Animal origin free formulation reduces the risk of contamination with adventitious agents.

Animal Origin Free and Serum-Free Graph

Performance of CryoXL™ Serum Free Freezing Medium was evaluated using different serum free cultures and compared with commercially available serum free freezing media. Post-thaw recovery of cells cryopreserved in CryoXL™ Serum Free Freezing Medium was found to be at par with other commercially available media.

Animal Origin Free and Serum-Free Table

Stem Cells – Improved post-thaw recovery – Optimized to maintain differentiation potential:

Cryopreservation of stem cells is quite difficult compared to standard cell types. These cells exhibit higher rates of apoptosis and spontaneous differentiation after freezing and thawing. With CryoXL™ medium for stem cells more than 85% of the original cell population can be successfully recovered without affecting their functional properties such ad differentiation potential and surface marker expression.

Stem Cells Graph

Performance of CryoXL™ Stem Cell Freezing Medium was evaluated using Human Wharton’s Jelly -(HWJ-MSC), Human Amnion Derived- (HAD-MSC) Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Human Dental Pulp-Stem Cells (HDP-SC) and compared with the traditional cryopreservation medium. CryoXL™ Stem Cell Freezing Medium exhibits higher post thaw recovery compared to the traditional medium.

in adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells

In adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells before freezing and after thawing.


Stem Cells Table

Developed for sensitive Hybridoma cells – Preservation without affecting biochemical functions:

This medium is optimized for cryopreservation of Hybridoma cell lines without affecting their antibody productivity.

Hybridoma Cells Table

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