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Cell culture needs to be done right. Whether it is cell culture media or reagents, consumables or even a bioreactor. OLS is Your Partner in Cell Culture.

The CERO 3D Incubator & Bioreactor indeed is an ever-evolving a state-of-the-art dynamic culture system, accelerates your processes reduces costs and hands-on time and allows multiplexing. You can even take it to a next level with our cell counter.

The cell counter CASY, is your ideal partner for counting a wide range of cells. With variable cell size from large stem cell aggregates to small yeast or bacteria, CASY can do it all. As a cell counter, it is highly reproducible, accurate, easy to use with no sample preparation and has been successfully and widely used in several thousands of publications globally and increasing each year.

Explore the brand new HiMedia portfolio of animal cell culture with OLS as distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our portfolio offers a broad range of classical, serum free and custom media for researchers that you can use them for cell culture routine and scaling up within supreme cell culture environment.



Cell Culture Media Overview
Cell Culture Media Overview

The product catalog includes several hundred of cell culture media. This includes different variations of classical media and as well as special media. Depending on the product, bottles volume for liquid media includes 50ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml while packaging for powder media range from 1L to 100L.

For detailed information about cell culture media download the catalog here:

Classical Media

Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium (DMEM)

Price on request

DMEM is a modification of Basal Medium Eagle (BME) that contains four-fold concentration of amino acids and vitamins. DMEM is available on different variation including: low/high Glucose, with/without L-Glutamin, etc. To check all variations, please click here below

RPMI 1640

Price on request

RPMI 1640 medium is extensively used for a wide range of anchorage dependent cell lines. The medium is known to support growth of cells both in presence of 5-20% FBS and in absence of FBS. We have different types of RPMI including: with/without L-Glutamin, etc. To check all variations, please click here below

CMRL 1066

Price on request

[AL226] CMRL media are based on the composition of Medium 199. CMRL 1066 Medium with sodium bicarbonate. It does not contain L-Glutamine and Phenol red.

Minimum Essential Medium Eagle (MEM)

Price on request

Minimum Essential Medium(MEM) was developed by Harry Eagle to meet the specific nutritional requirements of certain subtypes of HeLa cells and normal mammalian fibroblasts. By eliminating calcium, it can facilitate growth of cells in suspension cultures. MEM media is available with/without L-Glutamin, phenol red, etc. To check all variation, please click here below.

LoSera Media

LoSera™ Medium

Price on request

LoSera™ medium can be used without prior adaptation and sub cultured using normal procedures. Reduced serum supplementation improves the reproducibility of experimental results by decreasing the variability caused due to undefined serum constituents. It also facilitates down regulation process in bioassays and in purification process of culture products

Insect Media

TC-100 Insect Medium w/ L-Glutamine w/o Sodium bicarbonate

Price on request

[IM007] TC-100 is a modification done by Dr. Gardiner and Dr. Stockdale of the original formulation of Grace’s insect medium. Sucrose, fructose and several Krebs’s cycle intermediates were omitted from the original formula. IM007 contains L-glutamine and does not require supplementation with insect hemolymph. It is a fully defined medium and does not require supplementation with insect hemolymph. Instead, tryptose broth and fetal bovine serum provide the necessary growth factors. This medium supports the growth of several lepidopteran cell lines including Spodoptera frugiperda. It is specifically used for production of baculoviruses in lepidopteran cell lines

Lactalbumin Hydrolysate

Price on request

[TC367V] Lactalbumin hydrolysate is prepared by the enzymatic digest of milk protein lactalbumin. It is a common ingredient of vaccine production media. Lactalbumin hydrolysate is rich in essential amino acids and is a reservoir of nitrogen, vitamins, and carbon. Lactalbumin hydrolysate is used as a nutritional supplement to culture mammalian as well as insect cells due to its growth stimulating ability. It is used to reduce serum requirements in culture media

Tryptose Phosphate Broth 50X

Price on request

[TCL009] Tryptose phosphate broth is used to supplement cell culture media. It is most commonly used to enhance the growth supporting property of Glasgow’s Minimum Essential Medium for BHK-21 cells. It is also used in insect cell culture media to support the growth of SF-21 cells

Yeast extract Ultrafiltered Granulated Cell Culture Tested Refer ATC section

Price on request

[TC593] Yeast extract is obtained by controlled autolysis (self-digestion) of selected strain of yeast Saccharomyces. This water-soluble fraction of the autolysis process is rich in B complex vitamins and serves as an excellent nitrogen source. It is also rich in amino acids, peptides, purine and pyrimidine bases and growth factors. Ultra-fitration improves solubility and filterability. Since yeast extract is obtained from non-animal sources, it can be used as nutritional supplement in animal-free mammalian and insect cell culture media formulations

Customized Media

If you cannot find the media you need, customization is our strength!

Contact us and lets us know your requirements whether it is different kind of packaging, variations in the combination of salts or buffers, or other requirements. We will try our best to support you with the solution you need, so you can focus on your work, instead of bothering about preparing media.

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