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Virus Production

Understanding the complexity and key challenges involved in vaccine production process, a chemically defined, serum-free, animal component free medium – such as CELLin1™ – fulfills an essential role. This medium is suitable for virus cultivation in broad range of cell lines such as Vero, MDCK, MDBK, PK-15 and MRC-5.

  • Regulartory concerns minimized: Serum free and low protein media do not contain any components of human and animal origin, which brings batch uniformity and ease of upstream and downstream processing. Being chemically defined, these media also eliminate the risk of contamination by animal pathogen thereby making the manufacturing process safer.
  • Scalability: Carefully designed for growth of specific cell types, these serum free media are suitable for 2D as well as 3D culture systems at laboratory scale applications and in large scale productionruns.
  • Customization: Custom formulations and custom packaging options available to suit your process.
Seed Preparation and Cell Banking

Banking of host cell line and preparation of the seed are the two major preliminary steps involved in viral vaccine production. CELLin1™ supports continuous growth of host cells through multiple subcultures, making it suitable for banking. Consistent cell growth over serial subcultures, suitable for cell expansion and banking.

Cellin1™ cell growth consistency

Vero, PK-15, MDCK and MDBK cells were seeded in CELLin1™ in T175 flask. Consistent cell density was obtained throughout 5 subcultures and viability of each cell was more than 90%, making it suitable for host cell expansion and banking.

Flexibility of Production Format

Cells are grown in classical 2D monolayer format during cell banking and expansion phase whereas, 3D microcarrier culturing is performed during actual virus cultivation and vaccine production phase. CELLin1™ has been optimized to support the growth of cells in 2D as well as 3D microcarrier system. Consistent cell growth over serial subcultures, suitable for cell expansion and banking.

Optimal Host Cell Growth

Cultivation period for most viruses in cell line host ranges from 2-4 days. CELLin1™ supports sustained growth of host cells high cell densities on harvest, thereby assuring optimum virus multiplication.

Cellin1™ Vero cell growth

Vero cells were seeded in CELLin1™ and competitor medium at 0.05*106 in T175 flasks. Cells were cultured at 37°C, 5% CO2, for 4 days. At each point in time, the cell viability in CELLin1™ was more than 90% throughout 4 days.

Virus Media to Order


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A chemically defined, animal component-free medium designed for growth and maintenance of Vero, MDCK, MDBK, PK15 and MRC-5 cells. The medium is devoid of L-Glutamine.

Vaccine Production


All the HEK-based vaccine manufacturing processes require a highly efficient and productive serum free and animal component free medium at each step starting from cell banking to cell expansion and virus production in bioreactor. HEKin1™ is a serum free and animal component free medium optimized for the growth and expansion of HEK293 cells under serum-free conditions. This is a complete media that will support growth of HEK293 cells without further supplementation. This media has been tested for its ability to support high-density cultures of HEK293 cells.

  • Scalability for use in shake flasks & bioreactors
  • Completely defined system eliminates variability
  • Consistent performance improves reproducibility
  • Decreased possibility of contamination by adventitious agents
  • Saves time with simplified purification and downstream processing
  • Supports high cell density, culture longevity and increased yield
  • Manufactured in GMP & ISO 9001 certified facility

Vaccine Production Media to Order


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HEK-in-1 is a complete, ready-to-use medium for the cultivation of HEK cells.

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