OMNI Life Science Partners with Cell Microsystems

Dr. Andreas Friese

Pioneering journey to productive life science advancements

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between Cell Microsystems – a leading provider of advanced tools for cell biology- and OMNI Life Science (OLS) – your partner in cell research. This collaboration aims to introduce three revolutionary products – the CERO 3D Incubator and Bioreactor, CASY Cell Counter and Analyzer, and TIGR Tissue Grinder and Dissociator – to the United States and Canadian markets, marking a significant step in advancing life science research in North America.

Single Cell Tracker & Isolator System

Automatically image, identify and isolate

CellRaft AIR®

3D Cell Culture Bioreactor

The innovative 3D Cell Culture Incubator & Bioreactor


3D Ultra-Low Attachment Plates

Simplified process for growing 3D aggregates



Cell counting & quality control with no limits

CASY Cell Counter & Analyzer

Cell Analysis

Enzyme-free, gentle tissue dissociation

TIGR Tissue Grinder & Dissociator

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