Young Interns in the Company
Working and learning IT with us

Fabian Stautz
Inside Story

2 interns are doing an internship with us for 2 months

During the months of June & July we are hosting 2 interns studying IT from Switzerland; they have been here for the past 2 weeks now, and this is what we think about it.

In their stay we would like to teach them as much as possible about our industry and give them a good experience at OLS. Since this is their first experience in the working world, we want to stress them as little as possible. 

We’ve been making them work a bit in every department, not only with the computers but also in other areas like in the lab or even in logistics so that they can see how all the other areas of our company are carried out and to introduce them to all their colleagues.

The main job they have been doing, and will be their main priority these coming weeks, is working on the website, the one you’re reading in this moment. Improving and updating it, to give you the best experience. 

One of the days they spent with Sebastian Bartkow (Customer Service), in which he showed them what he does and then let them help him down at the logistics department.

They also got to participate in a training day instructed by Nikolaj Eliesen (Production & Service) alongside Fabian Stautz (Inside Sales) & Yonatan Mideksa (Application Scientist) in which they were shown how to do maintenance on a CASY Cell Counter & Analyzer and on a NovoCyte Flow Cytometer.

They even got to do some testing on one of the product prototypes with Vitalie Patrinica
(Head of IT and Software Development).

We hope they enjoy their time here with us and even learn a few things along the way.

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