3D Culture Incubator CERO

The innovative 3D Culture Incubator for cell research

Stem cells – Spheroids – Organoids – Tissues

Highlights - 3D Culture Incubator CERO

  • Reduces cost, time spend and variations
  • Improved viability and maturation
  • Significantly reduced apoptosis & necrosis
  • Homogenous condition for homogeneous results
  • No shear forces and minimized gravity
  • Enabling pathogenic infection studies

Think in new dimensions – CERO CD culture incubator is overcoming known limitations of static cultures.

Easy, ready-to-use protocols, standardizable workflows and autoadhesion of cells without any need for Carriers or Matrigel are just a few of the advantages.

As a result, CERO enables high yield expansion of pluripotent stem cells or long term cultivation of tissue for >20 days (Spheroids >80 or Organoids >180).

3D Culture Incubator CERO

Are you interested in our CERO 3D Application Handbook? Feel free to download it and contact us. We would be happy to get in touch with you.

Our group is focusing on primary tumor cells grown on 3D polymer scaffolds. For that we are using CERO 3D to develop a model of drug development and precision medicine. It is particularly important that the cells are viable and proliferating in 3D complex structures as seen in tumor tissues. With the CERO 3D we are implementing and developing tools for patient-specific tumor therapy. Furthermore, the cancer cells isolated from fresh tumor biopsies make treatment optimization possible before a therapy is initiated. Here, CERO 3D incubator & bioreactor enables us to develop personalized medicine in a 3D cell culture model.

Prof. Dr. med. Felix Rückert, Geschäftsführender Oberarzt Chirurgische Klinik, Universitätsmedizin Mannheim

Cultivating hepatocyte spheroids in CERO considerably improves expansion, differentiation, maturation and hepatic virus infection compared to monolayer culture. Our research takes advantage from healthy cells even from long-term cultures in CERO. Moreover, we are now able to perform 3D long-term culture of human tissue specimen in CERO - a paradigm shift.

Prof. Dr. Heikenwälder, Chronic Inflammation and Cancer, Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany

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