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Webinar TitleAvailability of Reruns
Flow Fundamentals WebinarRequest Now
Investigate Immune Cell Killing in Real TimeRequest Now
Robust Assays and Workflows - Meeting the Demands of Immunotherapy and Cell Therapy Discovery, Process Development and ManufacturingRequest Now
Slingshot/Artificial Cells - A New Era in Flow CytometryRequest Now
3D cell culture webinar. Simplify your 3D cell cultureRequest Now
Utilizing RNA and DNA plate-seq workflows for low-input or rare single-cell genomicsRequest Now
Microvesicle Detection and Multicolour Cytometry on the 32 Parameter NovoCyte® Penteon™ Benchtop Flow CytometerRequest Now
Organoids as a tool for disease modelingRequest Now
Explore new ways to boost your cardiac researchRequest Now
Get to know OLS OMNI Life Science - Your Partner in Cell ResearchRequest Now
Chemical cytoprotection for stress-free use of human stem cells in basic and translational researchRequest Now
Analyzing Cell Migration and Invasion in Real TimeRequest Now
No stress for your 3D cell culture and for yourselfRequest Now
No Stress for Cells and StaffRequest Now
Fast, Gentle and Easy Single Cell IsolationRequest Now
Casting a wider net in Zebrafish screening with automated microscopy and image analysisRequest Now
Effortless single cell dispensing for Single Cell Genomics & Cell Line DevelopmentRequest Now
Potency testing of anti-cancer immune cells - easy, quantitative, in real timeRequest Now
Advances in incubator microscopy - Time-lapse microscopy of spheroidsRequest Now
Multicolor Flow Cytometry Analysis - a comprehensive tool for Immune SurveillanceRequest Now
From Target identification to clinical testing - Flow Cytometry applications in Drug DevelopmentRequest Now
Preclinical testing of drug candidates has never been easier and more precise beforeRequest Now
High Content Imaging and its benefits in the preclinical stagesRequest Now
WiScan® Hermes Imaging System for TRUE Zebrafish Screening Powered by A.I.Request Now
Plant Imaging and Clearing For Light Sheet MicroscopyRequest Now
Integrated BioBanking SolutionsRequest Now
Unveil the power of digital microscopy for life science applicationsRequest Now
Multicolor flow cytometry workflow solutions - The whole is more than the sum of its partsRequest Now
Flow Cytometry & Immunophenotyping: Challenging Sample Types & SolutionsRequest Now
Optimized Solution for Clearing Tissues and Light-Sheet ImagingRequest Now
Improved cell recovery by skipping centrifugation: Benefits for immunophenotyping of common mouse tumor model samplesRequest Now
Time-Lapse Microscopy of Spheroids with zenCELL owlRequest Now
Organoids as a model to study gastric carcinogenesisRequest Now
Cell Counting made easy and reproducible - Advantages of CASY Cell Counter and AnalyzerRequest Now
Modeling anti-tumor function of human T cellsRequest Now
Real-Time High Throughput Viral Cytopathic Assays for Vaccine Development, Neutralizing Antibody Screening, and Anti-Viral TherapyRequest Now
The 2 in 1 Solution in your Incubator - Real Time Cell Monitoring and ImagingRequest Now
Analyse von Mikroorganismen in der Wasseraufbereitung mit dem NovoCyte DurchflußzytometerRequest Now
Spotlight on the CURIOX laminar flow washer™ and the NovoCyte Quanteon flow cytometerRequest Now
Remote cell culture imaging and monitoring with the zenCELL owlRequest Now
CASY Cell Counting - when rough numbers are not good enoughRequest Now
CERO Incubator and Bioreactor - Innovating 3D Cell CultureRequest Now
Monitor virus-mediated cytopathogenicity in real time with xCELLigenceRequest Now


Yonatan Mideksa
Application Scientist

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